Ben Duke rehearsing Goat with Rambert dancers © Stephen Wright 2017

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This is the written equivalent of that moment when someone holding a clipboard and wearing a brightly coloured hoodie catches your eye. I could start by saying I like the top you’re wearing, or pretend I just want to have a chat about the weather but we both know it’s a lie and so I may as well just come out and say it – Can I have some of your money? I would then go on to talk at length about why you should consider donating to this particular cause. Part of you would be listening, part of you would be plotting your escape and the last part would be thinking do I have any money to spare and what is the value of this organisation? At this point, the analogy kind of breaks down as the world’s need for a cure for cancer or for fresh water in a sub-Saharan village is far more obvious than the world’s need for a duet reflecting on the realities of relationship, loosely inspired by Romeo and Juliet. But consider it anyway…We believe in it, we know audiences want to see it, and we know that we need money in order to continue to deliver this deceptively expensive show. We’d love you to be a part of it. Thank you.

We are seeking support to enable us to continue to create and tour our work. Your support will be invaluable in continuing Lost Dog’s vision of making the highest quality artistic work and we would be delighted if you choose to be a part of that. All donors will receive a thank you letter from the Company and anyone who donates over £100 will receive a complimentary pair of tickets to one of our shows.

You can donate online below or by contacting us at [email protected]

Donation Amount

If you are not able to make a cash donation, you can still support Lost Dog by:

– signing up to our mailing list
– following us on instagramtwitter and facebook
– coming to our shows, and encouraging your friends to come too!

We would like to thank our Founding Patron, Jo Boorman, for her generous support of the Company, enabling us to make what we do possible. And thanks to the generosity of Mike and Caroline Howes.