The Drowner

A man runs on a beach, desperate to call the emergency services after discovering a woman washed up by the sea. Told in rapid, alternating flashbacks on an atmospheric, pebble strewn stage, the young man’s story unravels as the audience is forced to question their assumptions. What was, what could have been and what should have been twist into a single memory.

The Drowner was nominated for a Total Theatre Award at the Edinburgh Fringe 2005.

“Rarely has the treadmill of everyday life been jammed so forcibly and with such genuine emotion. Stylistically, it is as much dance as it is theatre – as much theatre as it is dance.
Words are used when they are needed and when the body can tell the story more effectively, it does.”
Total Theatre Magazine

Directed, conceived and performed by Ben Duke and Raquel Meseguer. Music: Jim de Zoete. Lighting Design: Sally Ferguson. Costume & Set Designer: Gilly Dawson



Created with support from Windsor Arts Centre. Tour supported by Arts Council England.


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