Photo Hugo Glendinning

The Difference Engine

Co-produced by Dance Umbrella and The Gate Theatre with support from The Royal Philharmonic Society, Dance Digital and The Junction, Cambridge.

A vital and captivating interplay between dance, live music, real-time electronics, interactive video and animation. Loosely inspired by Chris Marker’s 1962 time-travel film La Jetee, this work manipulates time and memory by exploring the world’s primordial past, it’s physical present, and it’s technological future. This is the second collaborative project from theatre-makers Zoe Svensden, Ben Duke, Will Duke and Dario Palermo.

Conceived by Ben Duke, Will Duke, Dario Palermo and Zoe Svendsen. Performed by: Chris Evans, Anna Finkel, Catherine Carter. Choreography: Ben Duke. Set and Video Design: Will Duke. Composition: Dario Palermo. Dramaturgy: Zoe Svendsen. Lighting: Jackie Shemesh. Costume: Holly Waddington


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