In 2009, Co-founder of Lost Dog, Ben Duke attended ‘The Electric Body’, a 12 day ‘Creative Campus’, organised by The European Network of Performing Arts (ENPARTS) to run alongside the Venice Biennale’s International Festival of Contemporary Music. During the workshop he collaborated on ‘Discombobulator’, a short multi-media work, featuring video projection, live electronic composition and computer generated imagery. Having premiered in Venice as part of the music festival, the piece was selected to feature in the Dance Umbrella festival 2010.

Discombobulator formed part of Dance Umbrella’s 2010 Brief Encounters series, in which short works by talented new choreographers or established artists are performed prior to main stage shows. It was performed in The Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room before performances of a Trisha Brown Repertory Evening.

’Discombobulator’ provides yet another positive step for Duke on his steady passage to the UK choreographers ‘A’ List. 


Conceived by Ben Duke, Will Duke, Dario Palermo and Zoe Svendsen. Choreographer and Performer: Ben Duke. Video Design and Projection: Will Duke. Composition: Dario Palermo. Dramaturgy: Zoe Svendsen. Lighting Designer: Jackie Shemesh



The piece was developed during a 12-day residency supported by the European Network of Performing Arts (ENPARTS). Revival commissioned for Dance Umbrella 2010.


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