PRESS RELEASE: Lost Dog Announces New Partnership with Farnham Maltings

The Olivier-nominated, multi-award winning contemporary dance/theatre company LOST DOG, and FARNHAM MALTINGS, the hugely popular theatre and arts centre in Farnham, Surrey, have announced that they will be working together in a new partnership from March 2019. This very exciting support model has been designed to ensure Lost Dog has the ability and support to flourish in the best way possible while contributing to Farnham Maltings’ ambitions to increase the range, quality and audience for contemporary performance across the south east. Farnham Maltings will employ a part time administrator for Lost Dog, based at Lost Dog’s studio in Laughton, Sussex, for the next three years.

Gavin Stride, Director of the Maltings said: “In talking to Lost Dog it became obvious that, in addition to the advice and access to resources we offer, what the company most needed was practical, organisational support. By agreeing to second a member of our team to work as part of Lost Dog felt completely right. The administrator will be based at Lost Dog’s studios in Laughton, Sussex and will support the company’s core activities thereby freeing up Ben and the producing team to focus on making and touring shows. We’re very excited about the new partnership with Lost Dog – we love the company and we believe we can make a difference.”

This new ‘Supported by’ model builds on the work Farnham Maltings already does in producing Little Bulb Theatre, performance artist Victoria Melody, and theatre company Bucket Club along with a number of associate relationships.

Ben Duke, Artistic Director of Lost Dog said: “I am delighted to be beginning this new relationship with Farnham Maltings. From our first meeting with Gavin it was clear that he was interested in understanding our needs as a company and finding a way that the Maltings could help us. It was so refreshing to feel that we were not being asked to fit into a pre-existing model but were instead part of an open and inspiring dialogue.

As a small scale company we value our creative independence but are dependent on the support of larger organisations. The support that Farnham Maltings are offering us is exactly what we need at this stage of our company development. It’ll enable us to really look at the development of our own work and our work for other companies and, most crucially, it will enable us to reach more people through touring and participation.

The work that Gavin and the Maltings have done so far in supporting independent companies shows that this is a building that lives a model of interdependence and mutual support and in this time of uncertainty and division I am grateful for and excited about this new partnership.”