Ben Duke on BBC Radio 4’s Pursuit of Beauty

Lost Dog’s Ben Duke will be featured on “Pursuit of Beauty: Dancing The Poem” this coming Sunday 3 June on BBC Radio 4 at 4.30pm. 


“Making a dance based closely on a poem is a rare project for choreographers to attempt, but in this programme two choreographers talk about how they were inspired to choose a text and find a way to interpret it in dance. They choose very different ways. Ben Duke, nominated this year for an Olivier Award, grew to love Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost while at university and set about creating his one-man show in contemporary dance called Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me). Julie Cunningham, a dancer /choreographer who now runs her own company, went to the Glastonbury Festival, saw the poet Kate Tempest perform, and immediately wanted to set some of her poems to dance. The programme also includes interviews with Judith Mackrell and Karthika Nair.”

You can catch it live on air or online after broadcast here: